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Basic concepts and traditional Italian styles

COURSE LEVEL: Basic to Intermediate 

Tamburello is an extraordinary instrument, a real miniature drum-set capable of supporting an entire concert by itself thanks to its incredible variety of sounds and dynamics.
The Tamburello began to enjoy a great popularity outside of Italy thanks to Andrea's work of expanding techniques and expressive possibilities, finding application for the first time in jazz contexts (Bobby Mc Ferrin, Paul Mc Candless, Basel Rajoub), world (Homayun Sakhi, Wu Man, Donál Lúnny), and ancient music (Les Haultz et Les Bas).

This course it's a complete didactical method for the Italian traditional Tamburello based on Andrea Piccioni's style.
The aim of this work is offering to the player a structured and well-proven path going from the firsts basis to playing techniques belonging to the traditional italian repertoire.

Traditional Italian techniques such as pizzica, saltarello and siciliana will be examined step by step until the construction of solid bases that will open infinite, future possibilities. Ample space will be given to the setting of the body and of the body-instrument relationship, in order to build a solid technique without tensions and unnecessary efforts.

The videos contained in this course are from Andrea's DVD titled The Italian Tamburello released in 2009 plus extra material specifically conceived for this course.

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Andrea Piccioni
Andrea Piccioni
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About Andrea

Andrea Piccioni, a native of Rome, is a master performer on frame drums—single-headed drums, sometimes with jingles, played with the hands rather than with sticks. After mastering the Italian tamburello, Andrea studied frame drum rhythms and performance techniques from the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, has crossed with his style the boundaries of jazz, world, and early music. He is touring worldwide with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Paul McCandless, Gianluigi Trovesi, Basel Rajoub, Luciano Biondini, Manfred Leuchter, Lucilla Galeazzi, Les Haulz et les Bas, Caitrìona O’Leary, Donàl Lunny and Wu Man. In parallel he’s a popular teacher at major festivals, universities and conservatories around the world as well. Andrea published DVDs and books dealing with the Italian frame drums and rhythm language.


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18 Videos
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Your starter pack for Tamburello. Traditional Italian techniques and rhythms, posture, handling of the instrument.

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